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    Richmond River Mouth Probability of Rain and Likely Amount:

    In the Richmond River Mouth rain forecast graph, change the system of measurement by clicking the link on the top right of the graph, WillyWeather will remember your selection for the next time you visit. To find the closest rain forecast locations to Richmond River Mouth, see the 'closest locations' link and the map in the sidebar to the right.
    The Data
    WillyWeather sources its probability of precipitation information from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. The probability of precipitation information that we receive from the BoM, for a particular day may contain many different chances of rainfall and corresponding amounts of rain. We take the chance that it will rain from the file, then we display what we believe to be the most likely amount that will fall. Please also note that the Richmond River Mouth rain forecast for each day actually starts the previous night. The Richmond River Mouth rainfall period for each day goes from 12:00pm UTC the night before to 12:00pm UTC the following day. So there will be occasions where late showers on one day will be displayed in the forecast of the following day.
    Richmond River Mouth rainfall forecast issued today at: 9:41am / Next forecast today around: 7:41pm

    Richmond River Mouth Rainfall Statistics:

    • This week
    • This month
    • This year
    • Between these dates
    Wettest day:
    10 mm 18th May 2015
    Wet days:
    Dry days:
    Daily average:
    2.8 mm
    Total rainfall:
    14.2 mm


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    Real-time Extremes

    wettest since 9am
    aus Barrow Island, WA 9.4 mm
    NSW Rosemeath 0.2 mm